About Us


Doll, the brand …

Doll is an exclusive, luxury resort-wear clothing label with an eclectic mix of Bohemian chic and fun flirty glamour.

Our collection is handcrafted, playfully mixing colour-saturated prints in combinations that create unique explosions of happiness and desirability.

Doll’s distinctive design style and our ability to create new palettes with our characteristic blending of fabrics, provides for a uniqueness that has captured the imagination of fun-loving sun-seekers around the world.

Doll does not mass produce. We work with small fabric lots and every garment is individually colour and fabric curated so that each piece is a unique, once-off creation.

This uniqueness of each individual garment enhances Doll’s exclusivity and is a key factor in the brand’s appeal, and our global success. 


Doll, our story …

Chanel Letschert, Doll’s founder and creative director, has always had a keen eye for trend, a love of fashion, and a passion for print, pattern and colour. Never one to be a slave to the commercial fashion flow, Chanel was always looking for that elusive ‘something’ that had all the right elements, but also a unique edge. Being lucky enough to have travelled extensively to summer playgrounds in Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Israel, she was not short on inspiration.

After completing her studies in Fashion and Textile Design, and winning the prestigious most Commercial Range award in her final year fashion show, Chanel began designing, for herself, the outfits that she would take with her to those far away dream holiday destinations. On her travels, while wearing her colour drenched,  eye-catching unique creations, she was frequently asked where her clothing could be purchased. So demanding were her followers that she would often end up taking them back to her hotel and selling them the clothes from her suitcase!!

And so Doll was born - not entirely by conscious decision, but by an inner passion for design and fashion trends that refused to be side-lined! Doll quickly blossomed, growing from a summer dream into an international brand sold in the high-end boutiques of top global summer destinations.